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Adoption Lawyer

Children are the gifts that keep on giving, and sometimes you can give a child the best gift they can ever receive: a place to call home. Whether you’re looking to adopt a child from an agency or simply within your own family, the gift of adoption will provide you with a happy heart and a fuller home.

Child Adoption Attorney

Adoption can provide a child with a more stable environment that will allow them to grow healthy both physically and mentally. However, adopting a child requires a long series of steps that prepares you for your journey ahead.

These steps include finding the right agency for you, meeting with an adoption support group, completing a home-study, selecting a child you feel is the right fit for your family, informing the child’s agency of your choice, learning that you have been selected for a child, meeting and visiting the child, receiving a placement, finalizing your adoption, and finally, becoming a family. Marcia Del Rey Law can provide the legal guidance you need to ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible.

Uncontested v. Contested Adoption

An uncontested adoption occurs when the birth parents of the child give you their legal consent to adopt their child. Sometimes, these adoptive parents can be relatives of the birth parent (like a parent or grandparent) or they may be newly married to the birth parent with the desire to have a larger role in the infant’s life. Other times, adoptive parents are not related to the birth parent of the infant and may either not be able to have children of their own, or may simply want a new addition to their family.

A contested adoption occurs when the birth parents of the child cannot be located or are not able to provide consent for the adoption. In cases like these, a legal document petitioning for the termination of parental rights will be filed. Typically it will be granted if the court sees that the parents are unable to properly take care of their child (in the cases of substance or child abuse) or if they are unable to be located.

Lawyer for Adoption 

Adoption is truly a gift for parents who want to expand their family. It is also a gift to the child being adopted. However, this is a long process that can sometimes be emotionally draining and confusing. We, at Marcia Del Rey Law, can promise you that we will guide you every single step of the way throughout your adoption to make sure you are united with someone who makes your heart full.

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