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Divorce Lawyers in Miami

After spending time with your spouse, you realize that the union was not what you expected. You scramble for months, wondering how to bring this up, wondering why it’s no longer working, wondering what exactly you can do to make it better. Until, one day, the silence at the dinner table is too much and you utter the word you’ve been so afraid to say for quite some time: divorce.

Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is a draining experience. You exert your emotions, your energy, and your belief in yourself. Divorce does not simply drain you physically, emotionally, and psychologically, but it can also drain you financially.

This “dissolution of marriage,” as the law calls it, can be a long, excruciating experience. But we, at Marcia Del Rey Law, can assure you that your divorce will be the least difficult situation you encounter. We want to make sure that this process is the first step for a fresh, new start for you.

How to Get Divorced in Miami

In order to begin this long process of divorce, one spouse must file for a “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage” document with the Family Law Division of the Local Circuit Court.

Once this file has been processed, it will be served to the second spouse in the marriage. They have a total of 20 days to respond to the petition and the process afterward depends on their response.

Contested and Uncontested Divorce

This is where child custody, child support, alimony, and other issues arise in the divorce process.
A contested divorce deals with disputes regarding the issues mentioned above. Usually, the two parties will have a difficult time coming to a conclusive agreement concerning child custody, child support, or alimony. However, not having children does not mean the couple will be in full agreement of their divorce terms. Sometimes a couple will have a hard time agreeing on their division of property or spousal support.

An uncontested divorce concerns a divorce where the two parties have no children, no assets to share, or have come to an amicable agreement on their own concerning any or all of those topics mentioned above.

Miami Divorce

Going through a divorce is a complicated process that can be emotionally, physically, psychologically and financially draining. Don’t choose any divorce lawyer. We, at Marcia Del Rey Law, can promise you a painless divorce. Trust us, when it comes to family law, we have the experience to back up our words. Contact us now at (305) 529-0255 or click here.