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Paternity Lawyer

Whether you’re a male who needs to learn the parentage of a child or a female claiming a man is their child’s father, paternity can be a tricky situation. However, establishing paternity can benefit the welfare of a child both emotionally and psychologically.

There are many complex laws surrounding the matter of paternity. In order to ensure that you understand these laws thoroughly and are knowledgeable in the action you should take, it is important that you contact a professional. At Marcia Del Rey Law, we are very experienced in the area of paternity law. We greatly value each client that contacts us with a paternity case and work diligently to find results.

Family Attorney at Law

In Florida, if a child is born out of wedlock, the child does not legally have a father. If a paternal figure has not been established in the hospital once the child is born, the child remains with no father. Therefore, legal action must be taken. Paternity cases have become increasingly popular this day and age due to more babies being born out of wedlock.

Establishing the paternity of a child can be a long, tedious, expensive process. However, the long-term benefits that a child will receive in learning their parentage can be worth the process. We, at Marcia Del Rey Law, know the importance of family. We want to make sure this process is as easy for you as it is to love your child unconditionally.

Child Visitation Lawyers 

Establishing the paternity of a child not only has emotional and psychological benefits for a child, but it also has legal benefits involved as well. These benefits include access to information regarding family medical history, placement of the father’s name on the birth certificate, health or life insurance from either parent, financial child support, medical support, and the ability to receive Social Security or veteran’s benefits, military allowances, and inheritances.

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Establishing paternity brings so many benefits to a child’s life on legal, financial, psychological, and emotional levels. It’s important to determine the parentage of a child so they may have the best, most well-rounded life. We, at Marcia Del Rey Law, can promise you that we will try our hardest to determine whether you have rightful claims as the father of a child or whether you have the right to claim a man is your child’s father.

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